"I have this remarkable title right now — president of the United States – and yet everyday … I wake up, and I think about young girls in Nigeria or children caught up in the conflict in Syria …There are times in which I want to reach out and save those kids."

President Obama recently suggested that he feels a sense of powerlessness in confronting the world’s evils. (via washingtonpost)

These two terms have really changed how I think about the potus. The U.S. has done many terrible things while Obama has been president. If it were George W Bush, I would easily have believed these things were the president’s will and command. I don’t think it is Obama’s will. And this kinda reinforces that belief. :/

It’s sad that we finally get a president who’s a decent human being, and he’s not empowered enough (imo). 

I’m not sure who rules the U.S.. Some group of people, or some person, is probably leading. But it isn’t him. I think the image of a shadowy council of old white men sitting around table, lit from above, in a dark room, is probably not too far off. “So you said you wanted to close Guantanamo. That’s a really nice thought. Sorry to disappoint, and sorry for making you look like a liar to the American people… but we can’t let that happen.”

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Pretty much how I feel,

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Patiently waits for Solange’s remix to Rocket….


"I will lay these haaaaaaaaaaaands ON YA…show you how I feel."

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